How to place your order 

 Contact us with the following information. 

  • what currency are you interested in?
  • What amount of this currency do you want?
  • How soon do you want it?
  • Receivers name? 
  • Delivery information?
  • Phone contact and email?
  •                      What payment method will you like to use

    Once we receive your details,  payment instructions will be sent to you right  away, when payment is made we will proceed with printing right away

    Shipping of package 

    • We will ship your legit bills to your delivery address, you will be getting a tracking number of your package so you know the location of your package at any point in time. 
    • shipping is discreet and safe and your delivery information will be erased for the system as soon as you get your package your security and satisfaction are our number one priority. don’t be surprise when you get your package open and see a Tv set, Radio, video games and many more we do use security majors for safe delivery.  
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